The Power of the Light of Christ

Facilitated by Inessa Burdich

In the spring equinox 2020 our initiative “The Power of the Light of Christ” came into existence. The initial aim was to unite our efforts in supporting our planet, people and beings in corona circumstances. On our one-year-annual-meeting in spring equinox 2021 – we with a single heart decided that we continue our work independently of any corona-connected circumstances and the aim of the group is going beyond just the current situation.

One of the aims of The Power of the Light of Christ group is encompassing the general aspect of spiritualizing the matter and inviting Christ Powers and Michaelic armies from cosmic heights to the people, beings and to the Earth and even deeper to the supersensible sublevels of the Earth. Experience shows this work can bring positive contribution towards covid illness, vaccinations, negative climate change, and other negative activities. In our meditation work we recommend to use Christian praying texts and the meditative Steiner texts.

We experience how important it is to meditate together at the same time in the sake of the common higher Ideal, bigger aim. We experience that in such meditations our efforts and powers are not just summarizing and multiplying, but much more – they are exponentiating! Which in turn creates a stronger resonance and living connections between us, and brings more powerful, substantial, positive and steady impulses to the spiritual worlds.

And, what is important, the bigger spiritual beings can connect with the group and support the initiative. Each of us through our common group work can connect with bigger beings, with whom it is very hard to connect alone. And vice versa, those bigger spiritual hierarchies and beings in turn – back through the group – can support each of the participants.

In our experience, our work is not just a meditation in the usual common understanding of that, where the focus of the process is often vague, unclear or dedicated only to the wellbeing of the participant. The meditative work we do is conscious and active work in response to negative supersensible challenges through beings, dark powers and adversary forces, to which we invite the Power of Light, Love, Goodness, Warmth of Christ.

In Summer 2022, in our circle of spiritual friends the Power of the Light of Christ we are more than 430 in many different countries in almost all continents.

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On Sundays 7pm UK time we have the big common meditation, where a significant number of our friends meditate together. After this meditation we can share our experiences in the WhatsApp/Telegram groups.

Additionally we meditate:

·      On Wednesdays 7pm UK time.

·      On other evenings on 9pm local time. The biggest and most active group meditates 9pm UK time.

·      Many of us meditate also in the mornings.

We don’t do zooms during our meditations, we connect in the soul-spiritual.

Approximately once per month we also have zoom meetings, where we get to know each other closer, share our experiences, and discuss current questions, especially in connection with Christology.

Some of the discussed questions on our meetings you can find here:

Contact: Rowan <>