Research in Spiritual Science – Feedback in English

There is a feedback from Research in Spiritual Science course facilitated at Emerson College, UK 2020/2021. It was published in the Autumn Newsletter of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain:

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And also there is one more feedback from Research in Spiritual Science course facilitated at Emerson College, UK, that was published in the Winter Newsletter of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain:

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You can read more about the inspiration and methodology, and the importance of the Research element of the course in this interview by Emerson College, UK:

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There is some more RSS Emerson course feedback (below the course info):

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“So far, the Research in Spiritual Science course has been everything I could have hoped for. It is truly Anthroposophy in action, or living Anthroposophy. 

There is a good balance between theory and practice, the latter being the practice of meditation together as a way of spiritual knowledge. There was a great variety of such meditative exercises, which were truly mind expanding and mental-flexibility enhancing. 

The meditative exercises were also catered towards the specific needs of our group, as supersensibly perceived by Inessa. It was truly transformative. 

My colleagues and friends on the course said how I seemed to be different (in a good way), and only after a weekend! Inessa is a wonderful facilitator and all-round sweet being for whom no question is a bad question.  

Furthermore, I am now part of a wonderful, active spiritual community, how lucky am I! Highly recommend.”

Yolanda, 25,  Aberdeen, Scotland, student

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“My first impressions brought enthusiasm for the exercises and their practice.

The weekend was door opening, beyond my expectations, it made spiritual world perceivable amongst the participants. 

The structure of the course was clear, starting from sharing of the actual knowledge/spiritual research leading to practical exercises. These were brought and held by Inessa, experiences themselves came from participants in a variety of “colours” with surprisingly unifying quality pointing to objectivity.

Since the course finished I undertook daily practice of the introduced exercises. There is potential of fruitfulness in this activity which could influence my profession as a eurythmist and a teacher and thus be useful to a wide community of which I am part of.

I perceived the cleansing, warming and health bringing quality of the course. What a wonderful gift for myself and the world!”

Zlata, 43, London, Eurythmy Teacher 

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“The 2 days I spent at Emerson on the course Research in Spiritual Science brought to life the meaning of words. Every word has a gesture and a being and the use of language is significant. Looking deeper into the spiritual side of life was amazingly inspirational and reassuring. Inessa’s gentle and beautiful teaching style provides the participants with a feeling of love and warmth and that we are all worthy and never wrong.  It was an amazing work out for the brain.”

Zoe, 46, Leeds, UK, Civil Servant and mother 

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“The course structure was excellent. Clear, focused teaching on a board with precise instruction and the diagrams were helpful.

The practical exercises were good because they were structured and sort of ‘tiered’. It worked well with our concentration. I was glad we fed back as a group, as ‘feeling the whole’ was important to me. Inessa had a kind, patient attitude, but also firm in that we just keep trying. This was good, just right. Inessa held the focus and energy of this large group incredibly well, which is quite a feat for a single facilitator to carry such a course.

The evening lectures were interesting (very). Also, I like the insertion of some eurythmy and group movement and a poem read by Rowan. Particularly helpful was the addition of personal ways and examples of fitting meditation into a difficult, varied life schedule. This shows it is hectic but doable and not to be left until retirement age. 

A wonderful course and I am very grateful that I am connected to a larger spiritual community through this course. I think we all felt lucky to have this wisdom and guidance shared.”

Emma, 40, London

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“I very much appreciated taking  part in the first weekend of the  ‘Research in spiritual Science’ course. It has been highly inspirational. We covered a lot of content. Clear distinctions between steps that can be taken when engaging with meditation, the styles and potential achievements. I particularly loved the fact that participants were encouraged to explore themselves certain themes and come to an experience by trying out, by ‘DOING’. There was a great balance between ‘sharing knowledge’ and practise. Nothing of the elements explored has been left 

‘hanging in the air’ as a hardly achievable task, but rather was felt, experienced and let unfold within each individual. 

I am looking forward to the further weekends and feel encouraged to just ‘keep learning by doing’. 

Thank you Emerson, for making this happen, thank you Inessa for being such a warm presence and inspiration. Your lectures are breath-taking and a pleasure to listen to. You have a style that ‘fits all’ – you meet your audience. I certainly feel part of it when l listened to you.”

Annamaria, 35, Eurythmy teacher, trainer and therapist, West Midlands, UK

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“This course was for me a breakthrough. 

It goes without saying that the main focus of Anthroposophic movement as initiated by Rudolf Steiner is to encourage humanity, and each one of us, to take  responsibility for the next stage of human development: return to the spiritual world  in a conscious self-propelled way. 

“The Divinity which left its cosmic form and became man can once again find its way back to the cosmos through the deeds of human beings” (Ita Wegman). 

On this journey developing spiritual organs is like developing the ‘eyes’ and the ‘limbs’ for a Spiritual World. Unfortunately often the  Anthroposophic movement stays at an intellectual level (which can feel so  safe and satisfying) and does not take the leap into ‘living’ the mission of Anthroposophy.

I myself was stuck at the ‘reading anthroposophy’  level for over 15 years until I met Inessa Burdich. The vivid experience of someone who has taken the journey and is ready to guide you through the steps of supersensible perception  is so motivating and inspiring Once you meet someone who can guide you from a standing point of his/her personal practice, you start to feel that taking the journey toward conscious spiritual development in a practical way is within reach.

This course made the switch toward a routine of daily meditative practice (which is what I believe what Steiner would have wished us all to do) 

Inessa’s teaching was measured, balanced, and … sane. She received our contributions with great tact and kindness in a way which made everyone feel included and valuable. 

It is a specific skill of a person to talk as equal and thus empower in others their own potential. 

I could notice the joy on people’s faces at the end of the seminar after having discovered their own previously unacknowledged subtle capacities. 

We could feel that Inessa’s knowledge comes from the depths of decades (probably lifetimes of practice), we could feel the solidity and the professionalism of her approach to meditation. Yet, it felt that this path is available and accessible to everyone. Accessible in the right way: through dedication, hard work and daily commitment.  

I have now settled into a daily routine and after a month, I already feel the transformation. 

I have but immense gratitude to Emerson College for making this seminar available for us. I look forward to future modules.”

Domnita, 43, Med Doctor GP, Dursley, Glos

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Feedback on the theme #3. 

“I find “learning by doing” interesting, valuable, enjoyable and enriching. 

All material is highly relevant. All presentations carefully prepared and clearly presented.

It was appropriate and adequate opportunity to explore and express our own perceptions.

Time and respect seemed to be given to all who wanted it. 

The “equanimity, self mastery, quietness” meditation I have been finding very effective and helpful.

Clear, comprehensive images, descriptions and discussion of the astral body and variations of it.

Observations of paintings – were appropriate and powerful examples and exercises. I found this interesting and revelatory.

The exercise with the painting and metals. Because it was an apt and effective demonstration of the point being communicated, i.e. the effects of metals on astrality. 

Most of the information I’m encountering on this course is new to me.

Based on my study and experience to date and on what I experience as the skill and integrity of the presenter, I feel confident that the presenter’s subject knowledge is detailed and accurate.

Presentation is prepared with care, well paced, offered professionally and with flexibility to meet questions and needs arising from participants.

I experienced an appropriate balance of well organised material and structure alongside flexibility, responsiveness to and engagement with the needs and queries of the participants.

My experience of working in the main group is. . . stimulating and useful;

in the smaller group. . . I very much enjoyed “meeting” and sharing with the other participants more intimately. 

Given that I don’t particularly like working online, and that a personal experience would be infinitely better, I am thankful that we have this opportunity.

Pacing, timings, breaks throughout the day felt very beneficial. Thank you.

I appreciate, and find very helpful, the sharing of the presenter with regard to her own experiences and insights (e.g. following the exercises and other observations in general). 

Thank you for referring to the “map” of the various human bodies and how the  I  works through them (like a cross). It’s a useful diagram. 

The whole of the first block of sessions (themes #1-#3) has come at exactly the right time for me. 

I have been impressed by the standard and quality of the course and look forward to continuing with the forthcoming sessions.” JW, England

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“The online course „Research in Spiritual Science“ was a very good way for me to experience anthroposophy in practice. Inessa gave us practical exercises in connection with text passages by Rudolf Steiner that gave me the chance to understand what he meant by my own perceptions.
She built up different levels from developing the „I“ to meditating „Ruhe/Quietness“ to perceive the different effects of coffee, tea, copper or silver to the different spiritual levels of our body (physical, etherical, astral).
The course was online- with people all over the world. Experiencing that perceptions all over the world are the same in origin made me feel connected with the network that connects all beings.
Thanks Inessa for:

  • The practical introduction into anthroposophy,
  • Your pleasure and warmth
  • The power you give in helping people who are interested in finding a way of living antroposopie in their everyday life and to get on their spiritual way,
  • For the well chosen topics and the very good prepared sections,
  • For your honesty in answering questions,
  • For the fact that I came out of each section with more energy than I went in,
  • For the tools of the trade that I took from the course to follow my spiritual path. Now I am a sculptress who got the tools for forming the sculpture of the spiritual way targeted by hammer and chisel and not only by „stroking“ it.

I can really recommend the course to those who want to get an introduction to anthroposophy and those who want to include it in their everyday life.”

Marina, 27, Detmold, Germany

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“I understand the subsidiary exercises much better, what is behind them and therefore find them much easier to pursue. 

I am much clearer about what Steiner means by Spiritual Science and how to go about it. 

I feel more confident that we can learn about nature and about ourselves with this method.

Fantastic course!  It has really deepened something in me and changed the way I feel I can approach Spiritual Science. It would be nice to have a longer course! 

I am very grateful to Inessa for doing this, it must take great courage and hard work to put such a course together.  Thank you!” Sarah, UK, RSS Emerson 2022 course

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“First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the experience and knowledge provided in this course. Everything seen and studied is at the forefront of anthroposophical knowledge, as it is a practical application of Rudolf Steiner’s proposal for accessing the supra-sensible worlds. I can say that Inessa has succeeded in compiling and transforming R. Steiner’s material into accessible and easily understandable knowledge that can be put into practice. In that sense, I believe it is very valuable content for inner development in the light of anthroposophy, as well as for people who seek to be “masters of themselves”.

I think the work methodology implemented is also very important to consider because it allows us to recognise the vividness of the content. The method used is totally experiential, where all participants could contrast their perceptions and realise how much in common there was in them, corroborating what was observed.

Inessa, in this course, managed to harmoniously intertwine the experiences of supersensitive perception with the meditative exercises for the strengthening and balance of the self proposed by Steiner. It seemed fundamental to me that she included these meditative exercises to achieve the “mastery of the self” proposed by Steiner for the spiritual investigator. Furthermore, these exercises are available for further application in daily life, on the one hand, as healing exercises and, on the other hand, to develop the full human qualities of our bodies.  

Finally, I can say that I have been delighted with this course because I feel that the contribution it gave me will be for life, a methodology for my own personal development, to work with the different bodies we have. I believe that it is a mission of human beings in these times to awaken our supersensitive organs to be able to appreciate the world in which we live deeply and truly, to be able to recognise the spiritual world in which we are, and that constitutes us. “

Josefina, 34, Chile.