The seminars are based on the premise that anyone can develop the capacity for supersensible perception by taking up an individual meditative practice.   While assistance in the form of help in orientation and systemising supersensible experiences is possible, the seminars cannot teach supersensible perception itself, as this is the result of each persons own individual meditative practice, which is unique to each person.  It is possible, however, to experience first hand to what extent capacities for supersensible perception are already present.  The seminars comprise predominately perception-based exercises in nature, and are imbedded within a framework of Anthroposophy and related research, in particular their training methods for supersensible capabilities.


Only in recent years has there been a public presence of people who have acquired access to supersensible reality via the methods described by Rudolf Steiner.  As a result a nascent aspect within the context of Anthroposophy is the possibility to hear reports of direct supersensible experiences, together with descriptions of the individual meditative practice and scientific methods employed by such researchers.  The lectures therefore focus on supersensible experience in connection with meditative practice and research topics.