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Research in Spiritual Science

Inner development through “Learning by Doing” 

Facilitated by Inessa Burdich MSc

We are glad to present an experiential course on Self-development based on the teaching of Rudolf Steiner who dedicated a significant part of his work to individual spiritual development through meditation exercises. The path of self-development based upon Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science presented in this course will focus on you strengthening your “I” (your sense of Self) as a foundation  of all spiritual work. You will learn approaches to increasingly focus your thinking, purify and refine your feeling life, and strengthen your will.

Inessa has been practicing meditation for more than 30 years and using her resultant supersensible perceptive abilities – acquired through this meditative work and continuously fine-tuned through her ongoing work with many clients – will guide you through a practical approach to Inner Work.

Session 1: Talk – Meditation as a path of spiritual development and as a method for spiritual science research. Workshop – How to control your thoughts

Session 2: Talk – How can I live with vitality? Workshop – How can I gain Self-control?

Session 3: Talk – How to master your feelings. Workshop – How do I master my feelings & learn the key role of quietness in this process?

Session 4: Talk – Dimensions of the sense of Self (I-manifestation) and its relation to hypersensitivity. Workshop – How can I become aware of the strength of my own I-manifestation?

Session 5: Talk – The spiritual parts of the human constitution. Workshop – Human spiritual constitution and the role of objectivity in research

Session 6: Talk – The soul parts of the human constitution. Workshop – How can I gain equilibrium and balance of soul?

Session 7: Talk – Mechanics of the Mind. Workshop – Empty mind and a research question


The full program is here: Research in Spiritual Science


Research in Spiritual Science

Four weekends at Emerson College, UK

Facilitated by Inessa Burdich

11–13 December 2020. Meditation and Self-Development

29–31 January 2021. Etheric and Astral realms

19–21 March 2021. Spiritual dimensions.

7–9 May 2021. Mechanics of the Mind and the Soul 

Every weekend includes Friday and Saturday evening talks and Workshops on Saturday and Sunday. In every workshop we will explore and apply practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

Time: Friday 7.30pm – Sunday 1pm

Venue: Emerson College, Pixton, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX England

Cost: Standard for one weekend 150 pounds

Concession for one weekend 120 pounds

Complete course (four weekends) 400 pounds

For booking the course please call Alex Wright +44 1342 827967 (landline)

Leaflet of the course: Leaflet_RSS_Emerson

For more details please see the full program here: pdf_RSS en