Исследования в Духовной науке – Шеффилд, Великобритания

A journey of inner spiritual development and “Learning by Doing” –  

Research in Spiritual Science course takes place in Sheffield, UK

with Inessa Burdich.

Our study is mainly focused on research on ourselves, humans, and our supersensible constitution. These are the first steps in spiritual diagnostics, where we learn and deepen our knowledge of the fundamental aspects of our inner soul and spiritual life.

The course consists of practical workshops and talks, thematically related to each other.

At each meeting, we immerse ourselves in the world of supersensible ideas, principles, phenomena that are presented in talks.

These topics are deepened in workshops, where we perform meditation exercises.

We are getting closer to understanding how to achieve a higher level of awareness of our inner life.

More info about the course and about the facilitator is here: http://www.spiritual-research.eu/en/themen/

The course consists of seven major themes that are allocated in 7 weekends. 

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The dates for the next meetings are the following:

24-25 February 2023, theme #4: Dimensions of the sense of Self (I-manifestation) and its relation to hypersensitivity.

12-13 May 2023, theme #5: The spiritual parts of the human constitution: Spirit Self, Life Spirit, Spirit Man.

23-24 June 2023, theme #6: The soul parts of the human constitution

6-7 October 2023, theme # 7: Mechanics of the Mind and Empty mind

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Timetable of every weekend:

7pm-9pm Fridays – Talks 

9am-6pm Saturdays – Workshops

For registration please contact: Andrew <ahewlett57@gmail.com>

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There is feedback from Research in Spiritual Science course http://www.spiritual-research.eu/en/feedback-english/

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All seven themes of the course in one page: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SNgpMY638T9gXMvLSA66UZ6e0gsT7qZe/view?usp=sharing

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Research in Spiritual Science at Emerson, College, Forest Row, UK http://www.spiritual-research.eu/en/research-in-spiritual-science-emerson-college-uk/