Living Connections – Anthroposophical meditation conference initiative

Living Connections: Bridging the Abyss – Anthroposophical meditation conference

8-11 September 2022, Goetheanum, Switzerland,

in person and online



Living Connections video channel about Anthroposophical meditation

Facilitated by Inessa Burdich and the team


Living Connections publications

Before and after the Living Connections 2017. Worldwide Perspectives on Anthroposophical Meditation conference Inessa continued seeking out interviews and perspectives. They were published in German in the weekly publication ‹Das Goetheanum›, and we share them here again because they are such valuable and timeless insights.


About Living Connections – Anthroposophical meditation conference initiative

In 2008-2009, an international initiative group was formed within the School of Spiritual Science to begin to develop a meditative culture in anthroposophical initiatives and among the general public. Since then, meetings and conferences of the initiative are taking place. One of the aims of the meetings of the initiative is to form a sphere of activity in which anthroposophical meditation can be practised by people who value working together productively, searching creatively and sharing the research results.

All over the world there are people who follow the meditative path of anthroposophy. The Living Connections conference wants to strengthen this work and make it visible so that the crucial essence of anthroposophy’s contribution to inner culture and meditation can be expressed worldwide in its various professional fields.

On the basis of spiritual friendship, the core of the initiative expresses itself through collegiality, solidarity and openness, bringing together people who are active in the further development and deepening of anthroposophical meditative practice. The Initiative endeavours to make meditative work in contemporary cultural life visible and thus contribute to the tasks of the Goetheanum.