Research in Spiritual Science – Emerson College, UK

A journey of inner spiritual development and “Learning by Doing” –  

Research in Spiritual Science course takes place at Emerson College, Forest Row, UK

with Inessa Burdich.

This experiential course addresses the inner longing many of us experience in our search for spiritual truth and understanding of our mission here on Earth. The path of self-development based upon Spiritual Science and presented in this course focusses on strengthening the “I” (the sense of Self) as a basis of all spiritual work with an emphasis on clear thinking, refinement of feeling and strengthening of the will.

The dates of the course in 2022:

 6-8 May 2022

17-19 June 2022

2-4 September 2022 (online)

7-9 October 2022  

There will be a series of themed workshops, each consisting of practical meditative exercises and a discussion of the methods used. The course is designed for people who are looking for, or have already embarked upon a spiritual path and are eager to consciously work on their inner development. The methodological and theoretical aspects are described in the talks. The themes of the combined talks and workshops are listed below.

Please note: All talks and workshops are based on direct supersensible observations of a large number of people.

More info about the course and about the facilitator is here:

What will you gain from the course?

The course offers an overview of the foundations of Anthroposophical “Spiritual Science” which can be experienced as something that nourishes the inner life, supports creativity, and helps participants to serve the world.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • Learning and deepening the fundamental aspects of Spiritual Science, its insights and methods.
  • Learning how to attain a higher level of awareness and mastery of our inner soul-spiritual life.
  • Fostering a moral development and enriching the life of the soul based on a core understanding of the Higher (spiritual) Worlds and man’s relationship with them. 
  • Learning how to bring a positive and supportive supersensible contribution to the spiritual and moral development of the world.
  • Learning how to conduct effective and lawful experiential research in supersensible realms.

Every weekend includes Friday and Saturday evening talks and Workshops on Saturday and Sunday. In every workshop we will explore and apply practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

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6-8 May 2022Meditation and Self-Development (weekend #1)

Friday Talk: Meditation as a path of spiritual development and as a method for spiritual scientific research.

Saturday Talk: The Etheric realm (vital forces) in human beings and in nature (Part 1).

Workshop topics on Saturday and Sunday:

Practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

Self-development and research

How to control your thoughts

Becoming aware of the Etheric realms

* * * * * * * *

17-19 June 2022. Etheric and Astral realms (weekend #2)

Friday Talk: The Etheric realm (vital forces) in human beings and in nature (Part 2).

Saturday Talk: The Astral realm (emotional forces) in human beings and in nature.

Workshop topics on Saturday and Sunday:

Practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

We will explore Etheric perception to gain a deeper understanding of the Etheric realm.

Where are my feelings “located”? How can I train myself to control my feelings? 

Fundamental role of the complete inner quietness.

* * * * * * * *

2-4 September 2022. Spiritual dimensions (weekend #3) – online

Friday Talk: Dimensions of the sense of Self (I-manifestation) and its relation to hypersensitivity.

Saturday Talk: The spiritual parts of the human constitution: Spirit Self, Life Spirit, Spirit Man.

Workshop topics on Saturday and Sunday:

Practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

Am I “the master of my house”? 

How can I strengthen my inner self, i.e. my I-manifestation? 

Exceptional role of positivity and its influence on the development of our I-manifestation.

Exploring and researching the fundamental role of objectivity in spiritual scientific research. 

* * * * * * * *

7-9 October 2022. Mechanics of the Mind and the Soul (weekend #4)

Friday Talk: The soul parts of the human constitution. The Sentient and the Consciousness parts of the soul.

Saturday Talk: Mechanics of the Mind. The Intellectual part of the soul (mental processes).

Workshop topics on Saturday and Sunday:

Practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

How can we develop an equilibrium of soul, a spiritually inspired mood, which enables us to work safely and effectively in the world?

Why for most of us an observation of our own thinking during the process of thinking is hard and can even be described as an ‘exceptional state’? 

How can we develop the ability to think nothing? (Empty mind state) 

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Feedback about the course:

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Inessa Burdich graduated as a physicist after which she embarked on an international business career spanning two decades. Her first passion was chess and she was a professional chess player and chess-coach for several years. 

She gained her MSc in the UK in the field of Therapeutic Education. Inessa has practiced meditation all her life, having started at an early age. 

Along with her husband she founded in Germany the research company Applied Spiritual Research, which offers supersensible research in a wide variety of fields.

Her domains of activity include 

  1. Supersensible research in the development and production of mistletoe-based remedies. Inessa’s main focus of research is investigating the supersensible sources that lie behind illnesses, especially oncological and psychiatric illnesses (including addictions), autistic-spectrum conditions, vaccinations, infections, and also the human endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems.  
  • Counselling organisations and individuals, and also carrying out a spiritual audit of buildings and places.
  • Workshops and talks on research in spiritual science and on methods of supersensible perception and their applications.

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For registration for for the course please contact

Alex Wright 0044 1342 827967 (landline)

Course Fee: £600 Standard for the whole course (four weekends)

For any other questions about the course please contact:

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